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Posted by Ray on 08/25/2017
This week of updates primarily consists of quality of life updates but also some big game changes to encompass regular new players that will be joining us within the next few weeks.
  • Various NPC dialogue options have been rehearsed
  • Clicking ‘donator zones’ on the teleporter as a regular player now gives a correct message
  • Client login interface changes. ‘Enter’ on keyboard now takes you to the next field
  • Removed ‘dwarf remains’ from various NPC’s on the drops interface
  • Wolf slayer tasks now display the correction location on the slayer interface                                                      
  • ‘Credits’ in the information tab has been changed to ‘Vote Credits’
  • Pathfinding has been improved
  • Barrows Karil’s Set has now been removed from Grace’s store
  • Item switching has now been slightly modified for better PVP
  • When an NPC dies and is playing its death animation, it will no longer change direction to the player, but die in the direction it was originally facing.
  • Default F-Keys have been changed
  • ‘Esc’ now only closes interfaces, opposed to also changing the game tab
  • ‘Exchange’ is now the first option for the GE NPC and the GE desk
  • ‘Bank’ is now the first option for the bankers and the bank desk
  • New player starter kit (inventory & bank kit) has been updated
  • The spellbook home teleport has a new animation for all players 
  • Woodcutting: The speed of cutting logs has now slightly increased for trees greater than Maple
  • Thieving: Pickpocketing now allows you to click the NPC during a pickpocket action without cancelling the entire process
  • Agility: You can now climb the obstacle net in the Barbarian Agility Course from the opposite side
  • Agility: The second crumbling wall used to give you the complete experience for the Barbarian Agility Course, this has now been changed to the third and final crumbling wall
  • Slayer: Rat slayer-assignments now work on normal rats, as well as giant rats
  • Slayer Master ‘Do you have anything to trade’ option now opens shop interface
  • The home slayer master now automatically changes depending on your combat level. E.g. if you’re 20 combat you will see Mazchna and if you are 45 combat, you will see Vannaka. You can always find slayer master’s in their original RS location if you wish to see an easier slayer master
  • The home slayer master & Max have now changed locations. The slayer master is now directly east of home
  • Slayer masters now have an option to teleport players directly to their slayer assignment for 80,000 coins
  • Jarah has been relocated just outside his previous location making him accessible by regular players
  • Ranged attacks had a delay for attacks further than 2 tiles from the target. This delay has now been removed
  • Teleporting during combat now prevents projectile damage
 We hope you enjoy this week's updates. Make sure you kindly share your feedback!
Posted by Churro on 08/22/2017

Due to recent feedback that the current staff have agreed on we would like to welcome our two new global moderators @Vyez and @Artillery
Please don't be shy to message them in regards to any queries in-game.

Posted by Arix on 08/18/2017

Today a bunch of things were added/fixed that were requested by several people:

  • You can now purchase max cape & hood from Mac who resides west of the warrior's guild in DMM.
  • Onyx has been added back to the collection box for DMM.
  • The agility shortcut in taverley dungeon now works again.
  • Feather packs were added to the fishing shop in Port Sarim.
  • The wilderness hub is now safe again for economy.
  • Ring of illusion works again.
  • Lootshare text has been corrected so it shows the correct values in the correct places.
  • Female banker in the G.E. can now be reached.
  • Varrock West safezone has been tweaked (DMM).
  • Dragon scimitar's special attack "sever" now prevents the target from turning their protection prayers on for 5 seconds.
  • Cannonballs are back in the collection box.
  • DMM now has revenants in the wilderness.
  • DMM can now purchase the hammer necessary to forge a dragon platebody.

More bug fixes were scheduled but we decided to already release this.