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The Basics:

Kratos deadman mode is very similar to the original OS Deadman Mode. The main key differences are listed below and are accurate to the current running season. They are subject to change in between seasons.

  • Experience Rate: 75x combat 100x skilling
  • Drop Rates: 65% of OSRS (65% * 1/512 = 1/332)
  • Safe/Multi zones are the same as OS
  • Deadman Chest locations are the same as OS
  • Financial Wizards have the same locations as OS
  • Donator benefits were added as of Season 6. Visit the shard store owner!
  • XP gained from quests are set at 5x.


  • Alternate accounts are allowed (to skill and farm for you).
  • The use/act of using mules (trading valued items to another account for safe keeping) is NOT ALLOWED. Administrators and Moderators will be frequently checking for mule accounts. If you're caught/found to be using mules, all progress on your accounts in deadman mode will be wiped (not banned). Trading things from your alternate accounts to your main are perfectly fine, but do not transfer high valued items from your main to your alternate accounts. We keep all types of logs, so please do not try to be sneaky.
  • Calling out a player's locations is AGAINST THE RULES and you will be muted.


Highscores for the current deadman seasonal can be found by visiting our highscores page.

Knowledge Base:

Starting Island

This is a custom skull-shaped Island new to Kratos. When creating a new account in DMM mode, players will spawn and remain here until they use the Deadman Teleporter to choose their starting location. This is a guarded area.

DMM Finale Arena (second image below) (added in Season 4) - an arena which is connected to the starting island. Players who are not participating or who have died may watch the remainder of the fight play out.

The starting Island
The DMM finale arena attached to the starting island

New Player Protection

Upon entering deadman mode for the first time, you'll be granted a 1-hour new player protection in which other players (regardless of what zone you're in) will be unable to attack you (and vice versa). This timer only applies to in-game time played, so feel free to logout without having to worry about it ticking down. You can prematurely end this timer by speaking to the Doomsayer located in Lumbridge.

Warning: Your new player protection will vanish if you enter the Wilderness!

Health Insurance

Health insurance may be purchased from Gelin in the Lumbridge graveyard. Her prices are:

  • Level 75 hitpoints for 1,000,000 coins
  • Level 50 hitpoints for 100,000 coins
  • Level 25 hitpoints for 25,000 coins


Kratos has over 30 quests added to the game that are identical to OSRS! To see the list of available quests type ::quests in game, or view the quest tab and any quest that has the original name instead of Uncoded quest is possible to complete. Quests will reward 5x the OSRS exp reward (e.g. a quest that grants 1,000 experience on OSRS will grant 5,000 here).

Ancient Magicks

Although we have 30+ fully functioning quests, we unfortunately do not have Desert Treasure. In order to make it somewhat of an equal challenge to use ancient magicks, the following is a list of our custom requirements to use the Ice and Blood spells:

  • Waterfall Quest
  • Priest in Peril Quest
  • 50 Firemaking
  • 53 Thieving
  • 1,250 Total Level

Barrows Gloves

Players do not have to complete all quests to obtain the RFD gloves from the lumbridge chest. Rune: 2QP, Dragon: 3QP, Barrows: 8QP.

Lunar Spells

Similarly to Ancient Magicks we do not have Lunar quests for Lunar spells. To get to Lunar Isle to access the Lunar altar to change spellbooks, talk to Lokar Searunner beside Jarvald on the Rellekka docks. This ship is free of cost to take. After you've reached Pirate's Cove, go up two ladders to the big ship and talk to Captain Bentley to travel to Lunar Isle. Run south from here to the Lunar Altar in the same location as it is on OSRS. The requirements to use Vengeance are:

  • Lost City
  • Rune Mysteries
  • 40 Defence
  • 49 Firemaking

Helm of Neitiznot

To obtain a Helm of Neitiznot you may talk to Mawnis Burrowgar on the Neitiznot Island. To access this island you must talk to Maria Gunnars on the northern most dock in Rellekka. The ship is free of cost to use. There are no other requirements to wear the helm.

Fairy Rings

Fairy Rings can be found all over Kratos in the same spots they are found in OSRS. 90% of the fairy ring locations are added with very few exceptions to some random areas. These can be used as a teleportation method after the completion of lost city while equipping a Dramen Staff (acquired during the quest. It is recommended on deadman mode you gather a few staffs while completing quests in case you die with one in your inventory.


Gliders can be found in their respective spot to OSRS. The most common area to catch a glider is in Alkharid beside the gem stall. This makes for quick and easy transportation to areas like The Tree Gnome Stronghold and Feldip Hills! The only requirement to use a glider is:

  • 25 Agility

Ape Atoll

To teleport to ape atoll you must have 15 quest points. Also you must have acquired an ape atoll teleport tab from a loot crate, or have 64 magic and the required runes for the normal magics spell book teleport. On Ape Atoll you can buy a dragon scimitar for 100,000 coins but there is no requirement to wield the dragon scimitar except 60 attack. The requirements only affect the teleport.

Skull Timer

If a player has skulled as a result of attacking a unskulled player, the skull timer will scale depending on the combat difference of the two players (e.g. a level 100 attacks a level 20, will result in a longer timer than if a level 100 attacks a level 90). Skull timers will only decrease if a player has moved within the last 10 game ticks (6 seconds), otherwise the timer will stop. Skull timers also do not decrease in instanced areas such as Fight Caves.

Roaming Trader

The roaming trader is a Distraction & Diversion event exclusive to the deadman server only. He appears every so often and sells a variety of items (such as potions, food, tele-tabs, armor, etc). Read more about the Roaming Trader on his official page.

Dying in Deadman Mode

For those unfortunate enough to have perished in deadman mode, this section will aim to explain some questions you may have regarding your account post-death.

  • If you die unskulled to an NPC you lose all the items you were wearing except the 3 most valuable ones. You will also not lose any exp on death.
  • If you die skulled to an npc you will lose all items and a bank key is dropped on death. No exp is lost.
  • If you die skulled to another player, you will lose all items you were wearing and had in your inventory. You will also lose the 10 most valuable items from your bank, which will be dropped as a Bank Key.
  • Your exp lost on death will be determined by the combat level difference between you and your killer. If you are unskulled and die to another player that is the same combat level as you, you will lose ~5% exp. If you are skulled when you die to your killer, this will be doubled (e.g. someone the same level as you kills you while you are skulled you will lose ~10% exp).
  • The maximum exp loss for someone unskulled is 25% of your unprotected skills, however you will only lose the maximum exp in the event that you are killed by someone much lower combat than you (close to 40 combat levels lower).
  • As the maximum exp lost for an unskulled player is 25%, this means the maximum exp loss for a skulled player is 50% where in the same scenario, you will only lose this maximum exp in the event someone 40 or more combat level kills you.
  • Kratos has a goal of finding the balance in punishing players for skulling, while not completely ruining the game experience with drastic exp losses. Therefore in an average situation, you will be losing very minimal amounts of exp to make for easy recovery and getting back into the game.
  • Dying in an instanced minigame such as fight caves or mage training arena is Only safe if you are unskulled. If you die skulled in an instance you will surely lose your items as they will be wiped upon leaving the area.
  • You will lose exp for protected stats if you die skulled in a guarded area. This is to prevent suiciding.

Safety Deposit Box

The safety deposit box is available in all safe zone banks. Here you are able to store up to a maximum of 10 items that will be protected in the event that you die. Stackable items (coins for instance) count as 1 item each. Therefore, you could technically only store up to a maximum of 10 coins in your deposit box. You may access safety deposit boxes by talking to Financial Wizards in banks. They are dressed notably different from the rest of the NPCs.

  • Note that all safety deposit boxes are in safe zones. Therefore you will be unable to access it in the event you decide to skull.

Player Jacking

If player A is attacking player B and player B is not attacking back, a player C will not be able to player-jack/attack player A or B until there is a 10 second gap in combat. This is to devalue clanning and make a fair playing field. This does not apply to multi-combat zones.

Available Donator Perks

These are the available perks on the deadman worlds (they carry over to W1 and vice versa).

  • Green Thumb
  • Bird Man
  • Unbreakable Forge
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Thirst Quencher
  • Lightweight
  • Jewel Collector
  • Herbivore
  • Master Huntsman
  • Master Fisherman
  • Delicate Craftsman
  • I Tan Bro
  • Multicannon Fiend
  • Coin Collector
  • Charged
  • Prospector
  • Refined

Deadman Mode Changes from Kratos World 1

  • The revenant dungeon that many Kratos players may be familiar with is resorted back to the original OSRS wilderness dungeon for Deadman mode. So don't plan on going rev hunting!
  • Divine Sigil drops have been disabled from Corporeal Beast in deadman mode, and replaced with a 1,250,000 coin drop.
  • Summoning has been disabled for deadman mode.
  • The Wishing Well has been disabled for deadman mode.
  • Access to Whiteridge has been disabled. Also creating Whiteridge as your PoH location has been disabled.
  • Teleporting in Deadman mode can only be done instantly if you are unskulled. If you are skulled you must wait 7 seconds to teleport.

    Deadman mode Tips and Tricks

    • Nardok can be found in Lumbridge basement to purchase bone crossbows and bone bolts for low level range training.
    • Make sure you enable the lock option on your player owned house! You don't want any unwanted visitors paying you a visit!
    • The following monsters in the wilderness have a chance of dropping a Wilderness Chest Key. This key can be used in the wilderness resource area for some awesome loot!
    • Lava dragons: 1/15 or 1/10 with token (World 1) or 1/10 in Deadman mode.

      Bosses & Revenants: 1/10 or 1/5 with token (World 1) or 1/5 in Deadman mode.(Note that the King Black Dragon IS NOT a wilderness boss)

    • Knifes spawn in lumbridge in the cook's kitchen on top of the crate when you first walk in the door. They do not sell in general stores.
    • Spades spawn upstairs in the Varrock general store, Ardougne by the area for plague city quest, Falador in the real estate agent building, In the hut just outside of barrows, and outside Draynor Manor on the west wall.
    • You can access H.A.M. Storerooms and obtain gems and Jewellery.
    • We have most ground items spawned, check the Varrock basement for gold bars for example.
    • Keep an eye out for the Roaming Trader!
    • You can click the 'K' icon near the minimap for expanded client options.
    • As of Season 5: You can change your F-keys by navigating into your options tab.